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Configure MariaDB and MySQL Galera Replication performance

Configure MariaDB and MySQL Galera Replication performance 1. File Modification     - Open the `/etc/mysql/mariadb.cnf` or `my.cnf` file (note that `my.cnf` is a soft link to `mariadb.cnf`).     - Add the following configuration options:     ```bash     # Provider specific configuration options     wsrep_provider_options="gcache.size=1024M;gmcast.segment=0;gcache.recover=yes"     # Number of threads to process writesets from other nodes (depends on total CPU of the host)     wsrep_slave_threads=8     ``` 2. Understanding gcache     - Galera uses a preallocated file called gcache to store writesets in a circular buffer style.     - The gcache size defines how many writesets the donor node can serve in Incremental State Transfer (IST).     - You can estimate the downtime you can afford while still being able to perform an IST based on your write stream and gcache size. 3. Improving Replication Performance     - Increasing the number of slave threads in Galera can improve throug