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Harisfazillah Jamel (LinuxMalaysia) Udemy Profile

 My Udemy profile improve by Google Gemini Harisfazillah Jamel LinuxMalaysia | Malaysia Open Source Evangelist About Me Since discovering Linux in 1998, I've been a passionate advocate for open-source software (OSS) and building thriving OSS communities in Malaysia. My mission is to empower Malaysians to shift from simply using OSS to becoming producers and maintainers who contribute to the global open-source ecosystem. Why Open Source? OSS is about collaborative software development, where communities freely share and modify code to create solutions that meet everyone's needs. This "gotong royong" (Malaysian communal spirit) has produced software used by businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals. Fostering World-Class Developers I believe in nurturing world-class developers in Malaysia who can create internationally recognized OSS or maintain well-established projects. By moving beyond users, we can bec

Enabling Brotli Compression for Improved Website Performance

Enabling Brotli Compression for Improved Website Performance Enabling Brotli compression on web servers (both Nginx and Apache) for improved website performance. We can check our web browsing is using Brotli Compression using this online tools. and Brotli is a new open-source compression algorithm developed by Google that can significantly reduce file sizes compared to traditional methods like Gzip. This can lead to faster website loading times, improved user experience, and potentially lower bandwidth usage. Here are some benefits of Brotli compression: Reduced File Sizes: Studies show Brotli can achieve up to 26% better compression ratios compared to Gzip. Faster Loading Times: Smaller file sizes translate to faster downloads and quicker page loads for website visitors. Lower Bandwidth Usage: Reduced file sizes can lead to lower bandwidth consumption, which can be beneficial for users on limited data plans. Efficient CPU Us