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Harisfazillah Jamel

LinuxMalaysia | Malaysia Open Source Evangelist

About Me

Since discovering Linux in 1998, I've been a passionate advocate for open-source software (OSS) and building thriving OSS communities in Malaysia. My mission is to empower Malaysians to shift from simply using OSS to becoming producers and maintainers who contribute to the global open-source ecosystem.

Why Open Source?

OSS is about collaborative software development, where communities freely share and modify code to create solutions that meet everyone's needs. This "gotong royong" (Malaysian communal spirit) has produced software used by businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals.

Fostering World-Class Developers

I believe in nurturing world-class developers in Malaysia who can create internationally recognized OSS or maintain well-established projects. By moving beyond users, we can become active contributors, shaping the future of open source.

Community Impact

Community-driven OSS projects play a vital role in developing Malaysia's human capital and fostering world-class developers. Let's work together to empower future generations through open source!

Malaysian Proverb

"Kalau kita beri makan ikan, anak-anak kita hanya akan kenyang sehari. Bila kita ajar mereka memancing, mereka akan kenyang bertahun-tahun." (Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.)


Harisfazillah Jamel


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  Harisfazillah Jamel @ LinuxMalaysia Malaysia Open Source Evangelist 


  Ever since he found Linux in 1998, Harisfazillah Jamel has been advocate the usage of open source software and building active open souce communities in Malaysia. As a lobbyist and as an activist. 

  Open Source Software is about freedom of sharing and collaborating together as a community in establishing software solutions which suit the needs. The “gotong royong” creates number of software which now uses by variety of vendors ranging from small to medium-sized firms to large multinationals companies. It is in my believe, and the same believe shared by many others, that we should nurture world class developers. The world class developers that can produce international recognized open source software or developers that maintain well known open source software. 

  Rather than be users, we shall be the producers and maintainers to number of open source software. We need to start and we shall start now. Community by their own initiatives create number of projects with the hope by using open source software, its will help us to produce the world class developers. Open Source communities have a big impact in human capital development in producing the world class developers in Malaysia. 

  Lets make this happen, for the future of our generations. 

  Kalau kita beri makan ikan, anak-anak kita hanya akan kenyang sehari. Bila kita ajar mereka memancing, mereka akan kenyang bertahun. 

  Harisfazillah Jamel @ LinuxMalaysia 

  21 Feb 2015 


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